Project was founded in 1990 by Ms Anastasia Kyveri – Kesmetzi and its exclusive scope of activity has been the organization of the International Exhibition “Climatherm”.

At a point of time, when the market’s needs were big and imperative for the information of the public regarding the development in Heating, Cooling, Isolation and Solar Energy, it was necessary to organize a specialized sectoral exhibition with the knowledge and technology under one roof.

“Climatherm” started in the beginning as an annual event and since 1992 it was held every two years. Its long presence in the field has established it as the biggest sectoral exhibition in Greece and this is the basis for its prestige, value and fame.

Its continuously increasing success is the result not only of the long persistent work with the aim of holding a sectoral exhibition equal to the big European organisations but also of the identification with the vision of thousands of professionals of the sector who struggle for progress.

The fast pace growth of the energy industry called for a corporate identity renewal to enhance the scope and character of Climatherm at its full. Since 2013 “Climatherm – Energy” is the new trade show identity.

The principle of Project is also to make a step beyond the market’s conditions. Today, more than any other time, that the market is on the verge of saturation, we are trying to listen to the sector’s needs. This is our way to “forecast” the future. It is not accidental, therefore, that “Climatherm – Energy” is also active in Water Supply, Desalination, Ventilation, Natural Gas and Alternative energy sources such as RES.

And it is equally important that the key during our many years of work is ethos and respect to the Code of Conduct.

In the last 30 years, the organising company, PROJECT, has tried, with consistency, professionalism and love, and managed to win for “Climatherm – Energy” the title of the “first”, the “biggest” exhibition… in other words the “best and unique” specialised exhibition.

The support of the business and technical world was paramount in placing this event on top and in the ongoing progress of “Climatherm – Energy”.

The figures give testimony to the whole-heartedly acceptance of the exhibition by the key players of the sector, the wider public and the national and international business world that trust our choices.

Whether you are, therefore, one of the participants or one of the visitors, the point of reference is “Climatherm – Energy” because through our joint course, exchange of ideas and proposals and their application in practice, all our targets are achieved.